One of the hardest parts about social media for small businesses is creating content on the businesses social accounts. “What do I post?” Is the number one question I receive from business owners.

“It’s 2018 and we can compete with big business by having killer content that is native to each platform.”

Here are 3 awesome ways to post and engage with your audience on social.

#1 Educate Them

With 100% certainty, I can say that your audience does not know everything there is to know about your brand, product or service… so educate them!

Take for example a pest control company posts on a big billboard interesting facts about bugs…. “bed bugs can live in your mattress months without eating.” Gross, I know! But this does several things…. It disrupts my normal day and it educates me!

They have provided me with value here, right? Then when I had wasps in my chimney, guess who was the first person to come to my mind when I needed pest removal!??

Can you see how you can do this for your business?

#2 Entertain Them

Social media main purpose is to entertain us! Look on your personal news feed most all videos and memes either make you laugh or cry! More than 60% of Facebook users are expecting to be entertained when they log into their social accounts.

So why not show your audience something that is difficult or funny about your job!?

Take for example a daycare center can post silly things the kids say ALL DAY LONG.

Let’s say you own an automotive business you can encourage user engagement by running a contest that has people posting the best and funniest bumper stickers they see.

#3 Show Them

When was the last time you used the internet to find out how to do something? How to videos are one of the most popular searches on YouTube. If your business doesn’t have a YouTube account you are missing out big time on reaching loyal customers!

How to videos can be short, easy and taken with nothing but your iPhone.

You are a plumbing company, you film and explain the process of lighting the pilot on a hot water heater.

This is information that your customers want to know and are searching for!!! When you provide this type of value for your customers it builds (like, know trust) factor, then when it’s time to buy a tankless water heater they’re probably going to give you a call!

Especially if you have placed CTA’s in the appropriate places. (everyplace)

Most of all when it comes to posting on social your providing value for your customers, just like what you do inside the shop! Sell yourself, show them how awesome you are, make it easy for them to convert!