How to Install the Facebook Pixel on Your Website 2018!

Facebook is such a great resource for many who have businesses. I believe it allows smaller businesses to compete for attention and remarkably win 😀

If you commit to learning all the ins and outs of the platform and practice using it religiously you can really leverage the tools that Facebook gives you to convert customers without spending an arm and a leg. Today I’m going to walk you through the simple steps to installing your Facebook Pixel on your website!

Already let’s start off by explaining a little about (Business Manager: post to come soon) and why you need one. If you visit you can sign up for a FREE business manager account. You have to do this in order to follow along with this tutorial <3.

The reason the FB Pixel is so powerful is it enables you to track the activities that customers are taking on your website. You can use that data to retarget those customers on Facebook with advertising campaigns. Facebook’s advertising platform is the most cost-effective way for businesses to get out in front of their ideal customer.

Once inside of Biz Manager head over to the menu on the top left

then all tools

Click on the Pixel link: under Tools/Reporting

Here Facebook will let you “create” your pixel. The great thing is that now you have just 1 pixel for your website and you don’t have to install them on every single page of your site.

Next you want to pull up your website: almost all website builders or themes will have a place to place this code into. Click around for the setting/ advance/ tracking/ ect to find a place where it says (Tracking Code).

Facebook wants it to go into a certain code box: several of these website builders have (header sections) (footer sections) and so on. Make sure the code gets pasted on the first line of the (head) section :).

At least that’s where I always put mine <3

After the code has been pasted into the correct location, you now get to [SAVE] don’t forget that part!

If you use Chrome  then you can grab the Pixel Helper

AAAAAAND if you use something else… I’m sure you can find an extension for that as well.

Refresh your site and make sure that the Pixel Helper tells you that your pixel is installed

Your All DONE!

Now what you do with the data that Facebook Collects is up to you! 

Check out some Ideas for how you can integrate this strategy with some Kool Content for your Business