How to use Facebook Messenger Marketing for Business?

With Facebook’s new algorithmic changes coming down the pipeline, rolling out this month (February 2018). It is more important now than it has ever been to utilize things like Facebook Messenger Marketing to engage with your followers.

I would recommend checking out Many Chat, they have a free version that gives you incredible capabilities for a single page. The price point for the premium is very reasonable ($15 + per month).

Assuming you already know your customer and what they want to hear about.

Here’s how to do it

Map out what your objective is: Sell more Cat tee-shirts (example)

I would throw a Mega Give Away: Give away $250 to your cat e-commerce store.

Place Many Chat Bot Optin/ into the Facebook Post (Many Chat has GREAT tutorials on how to do this).

*This will grow your messenger opt-ins so that you can contact your list whenever you have a sale or update/ without having to pay Facebook or fight with their new changes (sorry Facebook).

Segment your list so you have a (Birthday ad that gives them a 20% discount) run ads in Facebook Business Manager to these people who have birthdays that month.

Have another campaign that encourages (Funny Sock Friday special BOGO 1/2 Off)

NINJA TIP: This would also be a great engagement post that could potentially do well with Facebook’s new changes ;). If you encouraged people to post pictures in the thread of their socks and have them give other users feedback/conversations “Where did you get those socks with Tails on them? Those are ridiculous!” ect.

Ultimately once you have a large list on FB messenger you can use it to send messages to the group as a mass message about items going out of stock or new merchandise your adding to the store.

More strategically if your list is big enough, use Facebook Business Manager to target specific Micro Niches and get them while they are in the buying phase.

At the end of the day even though Facebook is a Big player here that should not be ignored, if you create a community of diehard fans through providing value and being engaged, you will benefit most by bringing them into an ecosystem where you can control the traffic ie: membership sites you own, email list, even phone numbers.

If you have questions about how Facebook Messenger Marketing can work for your business specifically visit Real Moxy Marketing

Cheers, Ashlee

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