Reputation management has been a major part of brand building since before branding was a trending topic. Now that most businesses have some online presence it’s important to grab those business listings so your business is accurately represented.

Even if you don’t want to be “online” the market is going to literally FORCE your business online, more on that later.

Now that your online by your choosing or not… let’s get into the reasons you should claim your business listings.

#1) SEO Ranking

One of the best ways to bump up your business listing on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is to just have an owner!!

When Google finds a business, who has an owner that “cares” about it, they presume that you also like to take good care of your customers. This is important to Google because a good customer experience leads to more loyal customers for them.

#2) Mobile Usability

It’s more than likely that your customers are searching for you on mobile.

88% of customers who search local businesses online will visit or call the business within a day!!

Getting your listing on high traffic app directories like yelp, mapquest and apple maps makes it easier for your customers to click and call or visit your website when they are in the buying mood.

#3) Correct Information

When google, bing or any directory creates a listing for your business they will collect information from all corners of the internet. Most of the time this information is outdated and inaccurate.

If google finds too many miss-matched data points like phone numbers, invalid web address, multiple locations, it will assume you are not a legitimate business and may opt out of showing your listing all together.

#4) Being a Professional

When customers are trying to decide if you are the company for them, they will probably search for similar products or services online.

By having the correct hours, social links and photos, your business will be easier to increase interactions and build trust. Beat your competitors by having a professional looking presence online that lets your customers know they can trust you. Good Design = Trust.

#5) Visibility on a Budget

Traditional marketing and advertising are still good ways to get exposure for your business. However, the price of Print/TV/Radio advertising has sky rocketed.

Why not use resources that are free!

Facebook similar to google and yelp creates a business page when your customers start mentioning you on that platform.

Claim that page ☑

Thank those customers ☑

Start/continue building those relationships ☑

Keep loyal customers coming back again and again ?

Claiming your FREE business listings is EASY. Simply Click the “Claim my Business” button and with a phone call and a pin number you are on your WAY!!!

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