I work with a lot of small business owners and they do not want to do is GO LIVE!


This brings up the quote below

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do” – Jim Rohn

So I would like to set the stage with this, not many people “want” to be on camera. That is okay….¬†especially if you want to be like most people ūüėČ

But….. Here are the top 3 reasons why you need to do it anyways

1.) You Can More Easily be Discovered

2.) Video Lives Forever and Can be Used for Content again and again

3.) Let’s you Connect with Your Customers


One of the biggest advantages to using live video is that your competition is probably not.  So to differentiate yourself from your competitors, Live Video is a MUST




Let’s say you have a Nail Salon in Jefferson City and your doing a live¬†video… you stand out over ALL Other Nail Salons in the CITY!

My suggestion would be to go on social and talk about your brand story.

Maybe you do a video talking about how you became a business owner.

Another great suggestion would be videos on FAQs.

If you have a procedure in your Medical Spa or Weightloss Clinic and every time you suggest a procedure, you get the same 3 questions…

Pop on live answer these questions THEN take your video and put it on other social platforms like I did HERE :D.

You can embed it on your website.

You can embed it on your FAQ page so now you have a resource that you can send customers to when they have questions!

This is also a great way to generate new customers via web traffic and Search Engine results.

Another Secret

Facebook and all social platforms that have live video features are really pushing for these features to be used.

So by giving them what they want “live video” they, in turn, will reciprocate and show your feed to MORE people.

This allows you and your business to be discovered by people nearby that might not have known about you or better yet…… those customers who have forgotten about you!¬†

LASTLY…..¬†Engagement¬†is the GOAL

We know that brands who are able to engage with their customers at a real level are the ones who end up with DIE HARD, LIFELONG followers.

It will take some practice and a consistent schedule, but if you are able to engage with your customers over things that they care about, then you have hit the ultimate JACKPOT.

This will also give you an opportunity to understand how they feel about your product or service, share you with their friends, ask questions, give encouragement ect.

So pick up that phone and start practicing how you will use Live Video to Boost Your Business!

Best, Ashlee