4 Things to Know When Revamping Your Website

So in 2013, someone convinced you that you needed a website… and they were probably right!

After a few brief interactions and some cash exchange, you could now send friends, family, and potential customers to what appeared to be a great “place.”

Low and behold you had a beautiful website with no idea how to manage it or how it was going to help your business….

Five years later you think….. “Whatever happened to that thing?”

I will give you a few ideas and how you can Get Back on the Digital Band Wagon and Update that SITE!

1.) Your Probably Still Paying (well hopefully)

Regardless, if your website sat dusty and vacant in the deep dark trenches of the internet, odds are you may still be paying for it.

And if you’re not paying for it… then someone else might have taken it… (Yes this happens)

Yes, when you have a website that comes with 2 things typically..

Web Hosting: a “Place” to keep your business online. Much like you would rent space for an office… where you can keep files, send customers ect. Typically Runs from $5-$20 a month

Domain Name: You can buy a domain name and keep it forever as long as you continue to pay for it, if it expires, however, it will go back on the market and someone else can grab it! A domain is basically just the URL (www.mykoolbiz.com) that tells customers where your store is located!

Domain names can be purchased for $.99-$thousands of dollars.

2.) Someone Else May Have the Rights to Your Site!

I don’t think many people realize that sometimes within the agreement with a web developer, the company may not actually be giving you ownership of the site…..


I know, most of the time this is because websites take a LOT of time to build and so the developer may not want to just “let it go”

When checking with web developers be sure to obtain all logins for the creation of your site and ask clearly about the ownership of the site before signing your check.

Be sure that if you decide to end your professional relationship with this business that you will be able to take those files elsewhere and use them without a problem.

You may not own your website

3.) You Have to “Find” Your Site

You may be able to type your site in the search engine and find it…. but you’re going to need more information than that to edit it!

Where was your site Born?

And more importantly where does it currently live?

Hopefully, if you did not buy the domain yourself, then you were sent documentation on how to access your account.

If you do not have this information….. be prepared to spend a lot of time on the phone with customer service.

Or call the company who designed and published your site, they may still have the information on file (fingers crossed).

Find Your lost website

4.) Dusting Off the Cobwebs

Now that your site is officially yours and your paying “rent” to live somewhere, its time to get cleaned up.

Depending on the shape of your site, you will probably need to update your website builder and any plugins that are out of date.

Each Website builder will have a wizard that will tell you where and how to update your site and plugins.

There are a few things that Every Website in 2018 NEEDS These! Check out that Blog post NEXT!

Dust off the cob webs on your old website